Binary Options Robot Scam Review

Trading binary options is fraught with a lot of risks most devastating being loosing all your invested capital, especially to scam trading platforms,not to mention the psychological and emotional trauma that may accompany this.It is our work at to help traders detect, avoid and stay safe from scam trading software while rendering unequaled services in helping traders trade with genuine platforms.Some experienced traders say that if you have not traded with a scam software then one might conclude that you have not traded at all in the binary options market. As true as this may appear it can be avoided,meaning that you can be properly guided not to have the bitter  experience, just continue reading.
Binary Options Robot is a premium trading software which has been around for quite some time in the binary options market.Just like other robots you are meant to sign up and then deposit money with a broker to start trading, but that is not all because there are features that make this trading software,binary options robot, unique.

Features of Binary Options Robot:

Many traders have come to learn through our reviews that trading platforms that are adjustable i.e allows customization, makes a good one. Some robots are set already instead of allowing the trader to set the robot to his own taste,most of these trading software are affiliated to just one broker. This often result in connivance between the software developer and the,of course,unlicensed binary options broker in swindling innocent traders. Within the binary options robot trading platform such is not obtainable because the moment you sign up you are able to customize your software to what you want and then gain access to the few top rated licensed brokers to trade with. However it is important to mention here that binary options robot does not allow you to trade with an already existing broker but after registering and creating your trading account you can trade with multiple brokers.

Binary options software is free as you need not pay any fees while making use of the robot.The only time you pay is when you deposit money with your broker, this is usually in the range of $250 to $300 depending on the broker of your choice.


To make use of the software you need not download it, all you have to do is just to sign up on their website.However there is a mobile app of the software, not short of the desktop version, available on Play Store for free to be used on any Android Smartphone and Tablet.

As a safety precautionary measure when a trader is offline no trade is placed so that the trader can have sufficient control of his account.
Unlike other trading platforms with several expiry time like 60 seconds,5 minutes,10 minutes,15 minutes 30 minutes etc in binary options robot there are only two expiry times namely; 60 seconds and Daily trades, for the former shorter trading time is used while for the latter longer period of trading is used.

Shortfall of Binary Options Robot
Some traders may want to test out the software with a demo account before going ahead to part with their hard earned money but this is not obtainable in binary options robot.

Special Features of Binary Options Robot:

VIP account is available in the binary options trading platform, which you gain access to only by signing up and then contacting customer support to activate it for you.This special account unlocks a lot of benefits and trading opportunities for higher profits.It can be prolonged from the first one month following registration to 3 months by making another deposit with the same broker you have been trading with or another broker.

In order to increase profitable trading opportunities for traders binary options robot operates with 4 trading strategies namely; Wise Growth Strategy, Perfect Pitch Method, High Yield Systems and Capital Gain Cue. All four can be activated during trade.

How Does Binary Options Robot Work

Only three steps are required to get this robot work for you;Signing up is the first step and it is free no fees involved, afterwards you have to log into your account to then deposit money with a particular broker or multiple brokers. At this stage do not select auto trade yet instead you have to check your preferences namely the trading strategies, amount to trade with,expiry time,assets to trade with-there are over 50 assets available for trades in binary options robot, also enable Active trading in your Dashboard.


After these select auto trade and then the robot will place a trade for you when a winning trade signal arrives.


With the information we have above we can confidently say that a trading software which would not want to sneak in on you by placing loosing trades while you are offline or restrict traders to just one binary options broker but offers profitable VIP account for free is legit.

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