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OptionRobot has broken a tiresomoption-robote silence in the binary option marketplace, a silence which has long existed because of inconsistencies in so many other binary option software available prior to its emergence. Traders have been searching for a software they can easily use,customize or set to their own taste. If you are a binary option trader interested in making money online OptionRobot is for you.

It has come to satisfy the need of the traders ranging from as early as signing up through to withdrawal of profits made from winning trades. At this juncture it is important to reveal that this software produced for you has up to 83% winning trade. This means that out of hundred times you will place a trade eighty three will be successful.This is from our hands-on experience with this software which is now considered a game changer even among experienced traders. In fact a certain trader who has always been skeptical about trading with binary option software changed his mindset following a single trial with OptionRobot.

Alright now you may be a novice and perhaps you are wondering can you make use of this software, not to worry because it has been configured  to serve all kinds of traders, only two things are required of you, one is the ability to read and two the ability to move your fingers. The former allows you to understand what you want while the latter allows you to select what you want. This is because of its effortless navigation, together with very operable interface, suffice it to say that OptionRobot has the monopoly of satisfactory trade.


How to get Started

Signing up for OptionRobot is free, there are no hidden charges. You will be required to enter some basic information about yourself like your name, email, and then country. After this you will be given your personal dashboard to commence trading.


OptionRobot Settings
One thing that makes this software very unique is the freedom to customize which is apparently lacking in many other binary option robots available.This is why OptionRobot has revolutionized the market by giving traders control of the trading robot.In other words you have your destiny in your own hands so what more can a trader ask for?After signing up for free, choose a broker then deposit is made followed by autotrading. Only three simple steps are involved. There are three available trading methods namely Classic, Martingale, and Fibonacci systems, out of one can be chosen.

OptionRobot makes use of six indicators viz: TREND, MACD, RSI, STOCH, WILLIAMS  and CCI. As expected you have the liberty to select whichever OptionRobot indicator that appeals to you.If more than one indicator is selected they must be in agreement before any trade can be placed, for instance if TREND and WILLIAMS are selected by a trader then for a trade to be placed the two must report either a CALL or  a PUT signal.In any situation where one reports a PUT signal while the other a CALL signal then no trade will be executed.




OptionRobot trades only on currency pairs like EUR/USD, USD/CAD, EUR/JPY, EUR/GBP, GBP/USD etc.Perhaps it doesn’t want to be a jack of all trades and master of none. A trader is allowed to select from one to all the available currency pairs.


OptionRobot Deposit
OptionRobot minimum deposit is $5 while the maximum is  $500 with variable deposits which can range from one extreme to the other.


OptionRobot Cost
It is free to sign up for OptionRobot, the only money involved is the money deposited for trades




Compatible Brokers
Option has a good number of regulated brokers compatible with it including Banc De Binary, 24option, Stockpair, HBC broker, Wynn Finance to mention only but a few.So in a nutshell this awesome software will be excellent for you.Therefore do not delay in trying it out because a lot of traders are already making it big.




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