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Brief History of Automated Binary
Automated Binary is a new trading software for binary options which entered the market on the 5th of August 2016
for the sole purpose of doing trading on behalf of the trader,it is designed to meet every traders yearnings.

Features of Automated Binary
Can I customize my Automated Binary software?  the answer is yes if not we would not be pslogoromoting it on our site. This is the best robot for traders that want to take their destiny into their hands. All binary option software is not created equal.You want to have a say on how your robot works for you by implication every trader has a unique trading experience since the configuration will differ from trader to trader however traders with the same settings will have the same trading experience.It allows you to select the assets you want to trade on, set the trade amount and preferred indicators.

What assets can I trade on automated binary? 
The following currency/Forex pairs are the only assets available on automated binary at the moment.


This is the most popular trading currency pairs stemming from the fact that they are considered the 2 largest economies in the world.Major events in the world make it fluctuate.


Another popular pair considered a safe haven for many traders.


This tend to follow similar patterns as the first pair.


A good Australian economy at some point gave traders in this pair good money but due to some events in China there could be a reversal. The other pairs include USD/CHF, USD/CAD, EUR/GBP.

What are the available trading indicators? Automated binary has an array of trading indicators from which you can choose before placing your trades. You can choose more than one indicator which must agree in terms of CALL or PUT option before the robot can execute a trade.It is through the indicators that Automated binary ‘sees’ what is happening and what has happened in the market.


Available Brokers on Automated Binary  It is associated with ten binary option brokers with whom you can sign up with.They all have a minimum deposit of $250 with over eighty percent returns.Three of these are licensed by CySEC
namely 240ption, Stock Pair and Opteck. The other brokers includes Binary Tilt,Empire Option, Skyline Markets, Tropical trade,uBinary, HBC Broker, Stern options.

What is the cost of Automated Binary? To procure automated binary requires no money, just sign up for free, deposit money with your selected broker and start earning money.

What money management system can i use on Automated Binary?  You have the luxury of selecting 1 out of 3 available systems.The Classic, Martingale and Fibonacci systems



Try out automated binary $50000 demo account after signing up,this will enable you the trader to find the best settings for your trading because you can go through various settings until you find the one that gives you the real profit before you start depositing your hard earned moneystno

Just a few simple steps to Make Money With Automated Binary

  • Sign up with Automated binary, it is free
  • Select your favorite Broker from the available Brokers
  • Deposit Money with your Broker
  • Start trading after selecting your Forex pair, indicators and money management system


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